"I loved the first book, Shadow People!!!! It was so good!!! I've been looking for some good authors for a long time and I finally found that in you girls! I'm eagerly awaiting Shadow People 2." ~ Sean Hopwood 

"Best book I have read in a long while! Outstanding book. Very highly recommended for those looking for a better zombie novel. Great job to the authors." ~ Barnes & Noble eReader

"With its stellar detail and build up SHADOW PEOPLE has some truly intense moments of terror, and some real passionate moments of hope. It is story telling at its finest." ~ Jentry D. Alexander, House of J Productions

"You won't be able to put it down. Every page promises excitement and adventure. Every character inspires empathy, and invites the reader to join them on their quest." ~ Nick Abreu, Pro Media

"Die-hard zombie fans will not be disappointed with this book. There is enough gore for even Peter Jackson (a la Dead Alive) but still substance to make for an excellent read." ~ Amazon Reader 

"The story is excellent. I didn't want to put it down once I started reading. The story has an intriguing and unusual origination story for the 'shadows' and zombies that quickly over run humanity. Be warned, there is some graphic zombie violence, yet there are also some uplifting moments of humanity while following the intertwining stories of the three main characters…" ~ Traci D

"I couldn't put this book down!" ~ Dennis A. 

"Disturbing…" ~ Michelle P. 

"This book has one of the most unique takes on zombies that I have ever seen. It has the feel and pace of a horror story yet still manages to maintain a sense of…spirituality…for want of a better word." ~ Traci D.

"The pace is ace!" ~ Gregory S. 

"Very different and one of those books you have to just immerse yourself in and let it wash over you. There is so much to take in and savor." ~ Penny M.

"Entertaining and terrifying." ~ Jordan M. 

"A great read, the pace is striking." ~ Dillon S. 

"SHADOW PEOPLE: Quickening of the Wicked is a very smart, scary, intense, emotional story." ~ Cory S.

"The author's imagination is at times mind-blowing." ~ Jazmin L.