Cindy Jackson

Cindy is the mother of five home schooled children and an avid reader of both horror fiction and spiritual non-fiction. She is a student, an instructor, and a demonstrator of spiritualism, theological doctrines, and universalism. For more than 30 years, she has translated and paraphrased some of the most esoteric and complicated metaphysical precepts into simpler words for children and young adults.

Cindy resides with her two sons, Nick and Cory, and youngest daughter Tawny, in Northern California.

Besides collaborating on the long awaited, Shadow People II: The Shattering of Angels with her daughter Stacy, Cindy is working on a collection of inspirational, educational, and entertaining daily discourses—one for every day of the year titled, "WHILE WE LIVE: An Every Day App of Celestial Celebrations".