Shadow People: Quickening of the Wicked

With terror and splendor comes the first novel in the haunting Shadow People Trilogy. Fans of hardcore horror, paranormal romance, arcane mysticism, or zombie blasting survivalism will not be disappointed with this dark tale of horror and majestic tale of hope for a world immersed in fear.

The hate-seekers want Earth all for themselves and humans are willing to kill each other to make sure they get it. Born of human fear, a potent apparition known as the wraith spawns more of its kind from the souls of those it massacres. Its newborn shadow specters impulsively possess humans, mutating them into savage, murdering zombies.

The story alternates between three individuals in cities far removed and in lives most dissimilar. As each of them comes face to face with the world's ever-increasing shadow and zombie population, they seek physically and spiritually to find each other. For collectively, if they can find the strength and the will to survive, they share one destiny.