Shadow People II: The Shattering of Angels

Some will fight. Most will fall. God help us all.
The highly anticipated sequel to Shadow People: Quickening of the Wicked is

    "In one week, the Earth's population had decreased at an alarming rate. Approximately one billion, seven hundred thousand had died, with an amount near equal infected with sadistic violence. The ratio in the United States was much higher, as one third of the inhabitants had ceased to exist while at least that same ratio, if not more, had been possessed by shadows.
    The majority of the survivors were outside large urban areas as the cities, along with the surrounding suburbs had rapidly become huge smoldering  sepulchers overflowing with decaying corpses, seething shadows and the living dead who ambled in the hunt of outlets for their rage. Many of the fragile, swiftly dwindling survivors were beginning to feel the first real pangs of hunger they had ever known. Countless were wounded and all were held imprisoned by despair. Their fear expanded as the hopelessness of continued existence dawned on them, for they moved constantly to stay out of reach of those possessed and the shadow populace. It grew increasingly impossible for them to search for food or shelter. They afforded no protection or weapons against the shadows, and safe havens were nowhere to be found. All faith was lost and all that was formerly held in certainty was gone." 
 ~ from Shadow People II Prologue: The Civil Ruin

The second installment in the Shadow People Trilogy alternates between a convoy of twenty living souls whose survival hinges on their fragile and fickle faith in Aeden—the crescendo to the almighty clash between the wraith, its underlings and the commanding and mystical Vanquishers—and Shawn and Shelly, who are ensnared several stories beneath zombie-infested Manhattan and sloshing their terror-filled way through a maze of slimy sewer tunnels before their children fall victim to a state worse than death.